SPK Series Splitter Kits

Opticonx SPK Series Splitter Kits are designed to quickly and easily breakout loose tube stranded & micro distribution, loose tube unitube/central tube and ribbon cables containing 250μM fiber for direct termination with industry standard connectors. Three different splitter kits are available.

Field termination of multi fiber per tube,loose tube stranded & micro distribution cables, loose tube unitube/central tube plus ribbon fiber cables

- No special tools required - Color coded tubing - Fits virtually any cable design - Installs in minutes - Works with all 900μM booted connectors

Simple and easy to use, SPK Series Splitter Kits route individual 250μM fibers into individual 900μM, Hytrel, color coded buffer tubes via a compact protective housing. The fiber can then be directly terminated, using industry standard connectors with 900μM boot. The fan out kits are designed to work with any manufacturer’s cable.

SPKL Series Stranded Core Loose Tube Cables

The SPKL Series terminates multi fiber per tube, loose tube stranded & micro distribution cables in 4, 6, 8 or 12 fibers per tube.
4 fiber/tube, 24 inch breakout lengthSPKL-04
6 fiber/tube, 24 inch breakout lengthSPKL-06
8 fiber/tube, 24 inch breakout lengthSPKL-08
12 fiber/tube, 24 inch breakout lengthSPKL-12

SPKU Series for Uni-tube or Central Tube Cables

The SPKU Series terminates multi fiber loose tube, unitube or central tube cables from 4 to 36 fibers.
4 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-04
6 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-06
8 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-08
12 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-12
24 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-24
36 Fiber Uni-tube, 36 inch breakout lengthSPKU-36

SPKR Series Ribbon Cables Splitter Kits

The SPKR Series terminates single ribbon cables and "bare" ribbons in 4, 6, 8 or 12 ribbon form, up to 288 fibers.
4 - 288 Fiber Ribbon, 36" breakout lengthSPKR-XXX*
* Replace XXX with fiber count

FO12CB F012CB FO6CB F06CB F1-BF0625M F1-BF1225M f1-BF0636M f1-BF1236M FAN-BT36-12 FAN-BT25-12 FAN-BT25-06 FAN-BT36-06 49887-6L 49887-12L 49887-6S 49887-12S